Flooring Tips for Homeowners in California – Part 2

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The leader distributor in Southern California of bamboo flooring is Welson & York, Inc. They carefully research their seller’s upgrades of their equipment in order to meet their quality standards. From the time when the opening of their own mill in 2006, the factories they trained to highest standards of industry, have been shifting their products to companies like Mannington.

A great alternative to exotic wood products and wonderful product is Bamboo. It is environmentally friendly and if processed correctly it performs much better than any similar product. With cheap inferior bamboo products it is very disconcerting to see the market being flooded. A very truthful example is one conversation with a customer:

“A few years ago ninety percent of my business was Bamboo. Everybody wanted Bamboo Floors. Lately I have seen a sharp drop in Bamboo, now only ten percent of my business is Bamboo and I had no idea why, until a couple days ago and I ears drop some people in their showroom talking about Bamboo. The market has been flooded with some cheap low-grade Bamboo that just does not hold up to even a couple months of wear.”

And with a countless of distributors and importers in the market consumers can find Bamboo Flooring retail at below $2. In stark contrast to their products that can be found at a retailer of good reputation anywhere from seven to thirty dollars depending on type of bamboo.

They believe in maintaining higher level standards and they never compromising quality over cost. When durability and quality is mentioned 2 words come to mind – Aluminum Oxide – which is one of the most popular phrases in the flooring industry. Aluminum Oxide is known for the strong acid, hardness and alkali resistance, stiffness and high strength and used in abundance in the top wear layers in almost all prefinished floors. In their ware layer finishes Welson & York doesn’t use any Aluminum Oxide. One might consider why such a wonderful additive is not there. The thing is that its cost one of the biggest secrets in the industry, and by far the most attractive quality. The most plentiful raw metal on earth is Aluminum Oxide. Manufactures pack up to seventy percent of the top layers with it to save on finishing costs. And the thing is that what the customer gets is a product that goes very well in the showroom, but when it and sees some real foot traffic after it had been installed on a floor the hard breakable surface starts to break and powder up leaving obvious gashes and white lines. With an Aluminum Oxide finish refinishing is almost impossible. They use the latest UV cured High Performance Coating cross-linking acryl ate blends with nano and micro particles, making a durable finish that will take the knocks and dents of normal traffic and stretch and stick to the Bamboo with hardiness likened to a rubber tire, and is refinished easily with some traditional refinishing methods.

And if you are looking for a quality and dependable product at a reasonable price then you have found it, but if quality is the latter and budget is a concern, we suggest you to look somewhere else.

Their products can be found in the bluffs of Malibu, Caesars Palace and even on the studio set of the latest Hollywood Blockbuster.


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Flooring Tips for Homeowners in California – Part 2

How to care of your hardwood floors?

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Hardwood floors are great. They look excellent, and also feel great when being walked on. However, it is a well known fact that taking care of such floors is not an easy task. They need to be taken care of, and that needs to be done perfectly, in order to have your hardwood floors last for a long amount of time. Many people are probably asking themselves how to do that at this time. Well, if you just follow these instructions, your hardwood floors will always look new, and should never degrade in any way. So, lets get started with instructions, shall we?

First of all, you need to know that you should not use any of the regular products used for cleaning or dusting that you probably already have in your household. They will cause irreparable damage, and that precisely is the reason why you should only use special products that are designed for hardwood floors. Speaking of irreparable damage, it immediately comes to mind that you should not use water to clean them. Sajtovi recommends you Use damp cloths to clean your hardwood floors, but never water, as it causes great damage to them.

Also, do not use any of the chemical products such as ammonia, or any products with urethane, such as wax. Believe it; the glossy finish is not worth it. In addition, it should also be added that you should never drag your furniture on your hardwood floor. It will damage it and cause scratches on it.

When cleaning these floors, it is always better to use the vacuum cleaner than to sweep them. Vacuum cleaners tend to take in all the dust, even the one from between the floor boards, which is something a sweeping broom, could never do. Just make sure you use the proper floor attachment, so you do not damage the floor.

Also, floors could be damaged by direct sunrays. This can be prevented by using blindfolds or sheers on your windows; that way, your floor will not experience discoloration due to the sunlight.

Your feet can also cause damage to the hardwood floors, and especially when using shoes whose soles are not in great condition. Stilettos can also damage the hardwood floors, so keep them in mind. And if you have pets, make sure you trim their nails and claws, because these types of damages can be extremely visible.

If you spill anything on your hardwood floor, make sure you clean it up immediately. Hardwood floors tend to soak it in, which can cause huge damage to it. So, just clean it up; it is not that hard, and will protect your floors. Clean it up with a microfiber cloth of some kind, and make sure you don’t use any products that can damage the hardwood, which have been already discussed about at the beginning of this article. So, if you just take things mentioned in this article into account, your hardwood floors should lead a long life.


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How to care of your hardwood floors?

Flooring advice for homeowners in California

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A professional company is California Hardwood Floors which sells, repairs, refinishes and installs all hardwood types of floors. They offer one on one, personalized and great customer service. And also they will greatly be grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Since 1982 California Hardwood Floors Has Been finishing and installing hardwood floors all over Southern California. They focus on creating just the perfect look for any interior, and when they work with you they will make sure that the job is done on time and that is done right the first time. They are a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, and they also use their guidelines on all of their work.

California Hardwood Floors features: finishing and sanding services, complete installation. Residential or Commercial – which includes demolition of accessible floor coverings, leveling, moisture testing, repair and installation of all types of hardwood flooring.


Hardwood is a type of a floor that has become a hallmark from elegant to rustic looks. No one offers a better selection of hardwood floors than California Hardwood. California Hardwood floors are not only beautiful they are durable. You can explore the variety of colors, finishes and wood types available. For sure you will find a look you will love.


With this floor type you can get the feel and look of exotic wood or high-end stone at a fraction of the cost. For active households and high-traffic areas, the durability of California Floors laminate is hard to beat.

Vinyl Sheet

From natural stone or wood looks vinyl sheet flooring comes in a variety of looks to some patterned designs—and all of that at an affordable price. A great combination of function and beauty, vinyl sheet is an easy-to-clean and durable floor type that can be installed anyplace in the home. Particularly it is valued for great resistance to stains, spills and scuffs.

Vinyl Tile

For do-it-yourself projects, vinyl tile is a great type of flooring. Some forms are very easy to install, so you could transform your room over a weekend. As vinyl sheet, vinyl tile is affordable, durable and low-maintenance.

Luxury Vinyl

They offer two premium vinyl flooring types, Alterna™ and Luxe Plank™ tile. So, Alterna is a grout able vinyl tile that imitates the texture and depth of ceramic and natural stone. And Luxe Plank is easy to install and it is a realistic wood-look vinyl plank that and comes in good-looking plank lengths and widths.


Linoleum is a environmentally friendly and durable flooring type, loved for its deep and vivid colors. You will find that linoleum improves a lot of looks with its conventional marbled patterns and exclusive, graphic designs.

Color & Palette

Flooring design elements such as colors, styles, textures and finishes influence the way a room feels. Huge rooms can be made to feel cozier with some warm, not shiny tone floors. With a dark wood floor you can add sophistication. In order to make a room feel more airy you can use light colors. Home improvement and home design magazines, and some interior decor catalogs are rich in photography – great sources for inspiration, ideas and examples of colors working together in order to create a mood.


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Flooring advice for homeowners in California

Bamboo, laminate and linoleum flooring?

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Option 1 : Bamboo

Bamboo is more and more popular flooring material and it is often thought of as wood, even though it is not a hardwood but a grass. Glued together to form engineered planks or solid strips bamboo strands are just as a hardwood. Also, cost to install and purchase are similar to wood products.
Grain patterns include vertical, woven and flat. Vertical grains pack the strands together to create an appearance which is fine-grained. Flat grains show the irregular growth nodes characteristic of the grass; Woven types have lean patterns.
Bamboo is durable and tough. They are easy to grow and regenerate quickly because it comes from plants, and bamboo is considered as an environmentally friendly flooring choice and a sustainable material. However, most bamboo is imported from Asia, and environmentalists point out the energy necessary to transport bamboo to the United States as a factor to consider when selecting green flooring.
You can expect to pay three to eight dollars per square foot for bamboo flooring, and seven to twelve dollars per square foot installed.

Option 2 : Laminate

Laminate flooring provides a huge variety of colors, patterns and styles. It is similar to engineered wood and a top wear layer is backed by compacted fiber backing that is very steady or layers of plywood. The difference is that the top layer is plastic coating applied over a photograph and it is not really a wood. The photo-realism technology which is used produces finishes identical from real wood and some other materials such as ceramic tile, stone and stained concrete.

Laminates comes as tiles or planks. Most of it are floating floor systems, which means they can be installed straight over old existing flooring without nails or glue — no tear-out is required. Laminate is popular DIY flooring, but it is wise not to misjudge your skills — installing between door jambs and around corners takes ingenuity and patience.
Laminate flooring costs one to seven dollars per square foot. And depending on difficulty installation adds two to five dollars per square foot.

Option 3 : Linoleum

Linoleum is made with biodegradable and renewable materials including cork and linseed oil. Mineral pigments are added to produce vibrant and rich colors. Linoleum is considered as a top environmentally friendly flooring choice because it produces no harmful vapors.
Designed for glue-down installation linoleum comes as sheet goods and as laminated tiles and planks that install as a floating floor system. Many manufacturers offer a protective coating that helps the product stand up to foot traffic and prevents staining. Linoleum without this coating should be refinished every 2 years.
Expect to pay two to five dollars per square foot and seven to twelve dollars per square foot installed.
So, it is your choice which type of flooring you prefers the most. All these flooring are very good and it is just your choice and your selection of the types. But, we guarantee to you that bamboo, laminate or linoleum is one of the best flooring.


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Bamboo, laminate and linoleum flooring?

Five ways on how to choose the right floor for your kitchen

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There’s more in play that just the kitchen floor. This decision is about the entire kitchen and how much you use it. The right flooring option should properly showcase both your style and also coordinate well with the look of your home. Here’s a few options for flooring to name a few : Hardwood, Ceramic, Vinyl and Laminate. Those are a few of the popular choices. When trying to narrow down to a single pick, make use of these 5 tips & tricks to make the decision that is right for your lifestyle, your house and most importantly that fits your family.

1- Durability

Make sure it’s durable. This is in many situations the difference from having to replace the flooring every few years or enjoying it for many years to come. This is an important characteristic that applies to all floors. But these days, the kitchen is the main traffic area, wether its for cooking, homework or during family gatherings. In particular, Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a renowned for the level of durability that they possess and can last even on the highest traffic areas of your house.

2- Ease of cleaning when it gets messy

There’s no avoiding spills in a kitchen. Even less if you have pets or children in the household. So it’s better to avoid a flooring that’s difficult to maintain clean. Select a flooring that doesn’t have a difficult cleaning procedure. Flooring made out of Vinyl for example would be a great choice because some good sweeping ,vacuuming daily and a mopping once in a while is enough to keep it sparkling. On top of that, with sheet vinyl floors, there’s no such thing as annoying grout lines to clean up. It’s the best option for simple everyday care & maintenance.

3-Considering resistance Moisture & Stains

Most of a house’s accidents happen in the kitchen. The majority of floorings can handle a spill once in a while as long as it’s quickly cleaned up. Stains from food will stain many varieties of floorings if left over, so you’re better off looking for a flooring material that comes with a protective finishing. For this reason, laminate floors are a great choice since it comes with a top layer that naturally protects it from stains and moistures.

4-Match the Flooring with the Cabinets

The 2 Focal areas of your kitchen are the cabinets and flooring, so you’re better off picking them both at the same time. Make sure they compliment each other while still not being exactly the same match. Here’s an example : if your kitchen cabinets are dark with espresso stains, a light tone flooring such as bamboo or laminate would create an interesting contrast. While lighter cabinetry like white or honey-colorer would fit better with some hardwood flooring thanks to it’s target tones. This is the secret to create a warm and inviting space for your house.

5-Consider the style and design as a whole.

Ask yourself the following questions? What look are you trying to create? soft & country ? Sleek & Modern ? Or Retro & Fun ? Double check that your flooring decisions fit and completes the theme of your house. For instance, choose hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring for an inviting Country French feeling, or light-colored Ceramic Tile for a high-end, sleek and modern look. Stay true to yourself and your style.

The best advice overall is to not complicate things. Make a Choice that will give a certain style to the kitchen. Make it a state for the rest of the kitchen design options : cabinets, fixtures and backsplash. Don’t try to take complicated patterns, strike for balance between trendy and vanilla styles.


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Five ways on how to choose the right floor for your kitchen

Four tips to increase the durability of your hardwood flooring

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Needless to say that floors made out of hardwood had a certain beauty, elegance, style amongst many things to your house. We’re about to let you in on some maintenance need tricks to keep them look clean and look brand new.

First off, you must sweet, vacuum or dust your floors at least once a week and more if needed, all depending on the amount of circulation they get in order to stop dirt from accumulating. Accumulated dirt will risk scratching or dulling the finishing on the materials and that’s not something you want to end up dealing with. Don’t forget to use the hardwood floor attachment when using your vacuum.

If you or another family member splits something on the floor, it should be wiped up right away. Can’t make up a rush as an excuse since it could make the floor swell, warp and as such ruin the finishing on the wood itself. Simply clean it off with a damp and hot cloth to get rid of any stains on the floor.

To remove difficult soils, use specially made cleaning materials designed for hardwood flooring. Products not specifically made to clean wood or hardwood floors often have chemicals that could ruin or dull the finish.

Watch out for harsh products. Stay away from buffing machines, and also forget about using steel wool or scouring powder. All three of those products are harmful and will end up scratching your finish off your new flooring.

There’s no need to say that choosing a hardwood floor had a certain appeal and beauty, but proper maintenance is keep to maintaining those qualities that charmed you in the first place.

In the situation that you’re not satisfied with the current state of your wood, visit our website to get more information about flooring in los angeles and get the chance to talk with a customer support agent to see if you’re still eligible for guarantees that would cover the costs of revamping your floorings.


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Four tips to increase the durability of your hardwood flooring