Flooring Tips for homeowners in California – Part 3

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Provenza Floors

With over thirty two years of experience in making stylish, innovative and unrivaled quality custom hardwood floors, the leader in the design of tradition hardwood flooring collections is Provenza. Provenza wood floor collections offer a variety of designs and style that exceeds the most demanding in hardwood flooring expectations – from the rich, deep, warm tones from the beauty of nature, to some luminous explosions of colors.

The obsession for detail

Provenza artisans’ outstanding concentration to detail, make every handcrafted floor a manifestation of your own style and vision. With each floor design, they start by selecting a wood species best suitable to accentuate and enhance the natural character and intrinsic personality of the wood grain. That process is necessary to make sure its distinction and beauty will triumph in the final piece. They use age old proven techniques, combining some old woodworking skills with modern innovations, and as a result they produce truly hand distressed, handcrafted and hand scraped hardwood floors for any home. Their passion is to provide the finest in hardwood flooring at Provenza. They create a timeless hardwood masterpiece.

1.Residential Flooring

In both laminate and hardwood products Provenza offers a variety of flooring options suitable for any residential application.

2. Commercial Flooring

Provenza’s mixture profitable Acrylic Color Impregnation procedure outcome in a hardwood floor that is both durable and beautiful.

3. Custom Flooring

For interior designers, architects and homeowners who want a truly unique, one-of-a-kind floor Provenza offers custom made hardwood flooring options.

4. USA Made Flooring

Provenza’s Custom Gallery, Infusion, Custom Home, and Heartland Treasure Domestic Floor Collections – all of them are all USA Made!

5. Reclaimed Flooring

Provenza Heartland Treasure Collection features domestic solid hardwood flooring, rich in timeless character and natural patina.

6. Internet Sales Alert

Exclusively through an authorized dealer network Provenza products are distributed and aren’t sold online. You can protect your warranty and buy from an Authorized Provenza Dealer!

Provenza Innovation

Provenza Floors is a manufacturer of Commercial, Custom, Eco-friendly, Residential, Reclaimed Wood flooring. With over thirty six years of experience in making the most innovative, unsurpassed and stylish quality hardwood flooring, Provenza offers wood floor collections that are handcrafted, unique and of long-lasting value in a variety of rich finishes, vibrant colors, wood species, edge detailing and surface treatment. Provenza Floors, Inc. is a hundred percent US owned company which is based in Southern California with dealers all over the country.

Attention to Detail

They work with local architects, builders and designers whose necessitate for tradition wood floors drives their passion to make truly timeless and unique masterpieces. By making every hand skilled floor a reflection of your style and vision Provenza artisans’ pay exceptional attention to detail.


From the finest exotic and domestic wood species Provenza wood floor collections are selected. They offer a range of hardwood flooring designs from hand scraped, hand sculpted, hand distressed, and rustic surfaces to some more smooth furniture finish; to hardwood floors rich in character, complete with the dings, dents, saw marks that are found in recycled and reclaimed wood planks.


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Flooring Tips for homeowners in California – Part 3