How to repair laminate flooring

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Laminate floors are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they look like real hardwood floors, but do not require as much attention when dealing with it. However, even though they are highly durable, they can also get damaged; they can get cracked or scratched, or damaged in any other way; and that is when these tips become more valuable. So, just read them and try to utilize them when dealing with your laminate floors.

How to repair scratches or surface damages?

Well, first of all, if your laminate floor becomes damaged in some way, make sure you clean that part of the floor, and they wait for it to dry up. Then, you need to get the laminate floors repair kit that you should have bought before starting with the repairs. Just make sure that you purchase the one that is the same color as the one you have installed on your floor. The best way to make sure you don’t buy the one with different color, bring a piece of the floor with you.

After that’s been done, you should fill in the scratches or holes in your laminate floor with putty, wax, or any other thing that is in your repair kit. After that, take a dry cloth and use it to remove any excess wax or putty that might have remained on your floor.

How to repair damages near the edges?

Well, first of all, you need to see how big the damage really is, and you can’t do that with the baseboard still nailed to the floor. Take it off, but just be careful. You do not want to damage the floor even more, and create more work for yourself. Then, you should take off all the boards that have been damaged. Start with the ones that are closer to the wall, and work your way up to the place with the heaviest damage. Now all you need to do is to replace the removed boards with the new ones. And just like in the first tip, make sure you get the boards that are of the same color as the ones on the floor. Then get the baseboard back, and your work is done.

How to repair damages on the center of the laminate board?

If the damage is located in the center of the floor, or the center of the laminate floor board, than you need to take some different steps. First you need to cut a section on the board, around the damaged area. You can do this by utilizing a drill and a saw. Cut a few holes in the board, and then cut the board from one hole to the other. Then, after that’s been done, remove the center of the board, and make cuts diagonally, from the edges of the hole, to the edges of the remaining part of the board. Then take out the cut parts, and by doing that, you’ll remove the damaged board completely. Next, just replace the damaged board, and you’re done.


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How to repair laminate flooring