Flooring Tips for Homeowners in California – Part 2

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The leader distributor in Southern California of bamboo flooring is Welson & York, Inc. They carefully research their seller’s upgrades of their equipment in order to meet their quality standards. From the time when the opening of their own mill in 2006, the factories they trained to highest standards of industry, have been shifting their products to companies like Mannington.

A great alternative to exotic wood products and wonderful product is Bamboo. It is environmentally friendly and if processed correctly it performs much better than any similar product. With cheap inferior bamboo products it is very disconcerting to see the market being flooded. A very truthful example is one conversation with a customer:

“A few years ago ninety percent of my business was Bamboo. Everybody wanted Bamboo Floors. Lately I have seen a sharp drop in Bamboo, now only ten percent of my business is Bamboo and I had no idea why, until a couple days ago and I ears drop some people in their showroom talking about Bamboo. The market has been flooded with some cheap low-grade Bamboo that just does not hold up to even a couple months of wear.”

And with a countless of distributors and importers in the market consumers can find Bamboo Flooring retail at below $2. In stark contrast to their products that can be found at a retailer of good reputation anywhere from seven to thirty dollars depending on type of bamboo.

They believe in maintaining higher level standards and they never compromising quality over cost. When durability and quality is mentioned 2 words come to mind – Aluminum Oxide – which is one of the most popular phrases in the flooring industry. Aluminum Oxide is known for the strong acid, hardness and alkali resistance, stiffness and high strength and used in abundance in the top wear layers in almost all prefinished floors. In their ware layer finishes Welson & York doesn’t use any Aluminum Oxide. One might consider why such a wonderful additive is not there. The thing is that its cost one of the biggest secrets in the industry, and by far the most attractive quality. The most plentiful raw metal on earth is Aluminum Oxide. Manufactures pack up to seventy percent of the top layers with it to save on finishing costs. And the thing is that what the customer gets is a product that goes very well in the showroom, but when it and sees some real foot traffic after it had been installed on a floor the hard breakable surface starts to break and powder up leaving obvious gashes and white lines. With an Aluminum Oxide finish refinishing is almost impossible. They use the latest UV cured High Performance Coating cross-linking acryl ate blends with nano and micro particles, making a durable finish that will take the knocks and dents of normal traffic and stretch and stick to the Bamboo with hardiness likened to a rubber tire, and is refinished easily with some traditional refinishing methods.

And if you are looking for a quality and dependable product at a reasonable price then you have found it, but if quality is the latter and budget is a concern, we suggest you to look somewhere else.

Their products can be found in the bluffs of Malibu, Caesars Palace and even on the studio set of the latest Hollywood Blockbuster.


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Flooring Tips for Homeowners in California – Part 2